Capacity Availability at Greece-Italy Interconnection


With reference to the notice published on October 9th 2017 on JAO website about the unavailability of the link between Italy and Greece, Terna and ADMIE inform market participants that all necessary measures are taken to fix the issue as soon as possible. Presently we are unable to forecast when the link between Italy and Greece will be back in operation.

Starting from tomorrow and until further notice, no daily auctions will be performed,  the NTC between Greece and Italy will be set to zero (0) and the Joint Auction Office (JAO) will curtail the long-term capacities already allocated (starting with PTRs delivery date 11th of October until further notice), according to the Auction Rules provisions.

           Terna and ADMIE will do their best to timely inform market participants through JAO and their websites about the evolution of the restoration activities.