Market Participation Guarantees

Provision of Guarantees for Participants in the Transaction System of the Transmission System Operator

Participants must submit guarantees for their obligations stemming from the Contract with ADMIE. The guarantees must have a duration of six months, from 1st of April to 30th of September or from 1st of October to 31st of March.

The obligation to provide guarantees can be fulfilled either by submitting a letter of guarantee or by  depositing cash into a special bank account of ADMIE or in any other lawful way to which ADMIE consents. ADMIE keeps a special account with National Bank of Greece for the purpose of sumbitting guarantees. The details of this account are:

ΙΒΑΝ : GR25 0110 0400 0000 0404 7381 449


Letters of guarantee must have the form and the content of the template below:

The methodology for calculating the guarantee amount is defined in the Manual of the Code for Electricity (ΦΕΚ Β/504/29.02.2013)

The guarantees must be send to ΔΟΛΥ/ ΤΔΚ (89 DYRRACHIOU STR, ATHENS, 10443, GREECE1st floor). The following persons are responsible for receiving and handling the guarantees:

Dimitris Mavrikas tel. +30 210 5192275

Aspasia Trompouki, tel. +30 210 5192521,

Lousin Kaparian tel. +30 210 5192577

For new Participants appying for registration into the Participants Register the amount of guarantee is 40.000€ for holders of trading license and 90.000€ for holders of supply license. The letter of guarantee or the deposit certificate must be attached to the application for registration.