Supplier Registration Procedure

In order to register with the Participants' Register it is required:

  • to enter into the Independent Power Transmission Operator Transaction Contract, following an application to the Independent Power Transmission Operator, and 
  • to enter into the Day Ahead Schedule Transaction Contract, following an application to the Energy Exchange.

For the registration of a supplier with the Participants Register it is necessary to submit to the Independent Power Transmission Operator the following:

  1. Application form (in Greek) signed on all pages. Please click here for an unofficial, non-binding translation in English of the Application form. It is highlighted that the Greek document (not the English translation) has to be submitted. In page 2 of the application form the following boxes must be ticked:
    • Copy of Supply License – Αντίγραφο Άδειας Προμήθειας
    • Declaration of acceptance of the regulations of the Code for the operation of the Greek Electricity Transmission System- Δήλωση αιτούντος περί ανεπιφύλακτης αποδοχής ρυθμίσεων Κώδικα Διαχείρισης του Συστήματος
    • Declaration regarding the right of ADMIE to inform the Suppliers Customers - Δήλωση κατόχου 'Aδειας Προμήθειας περί δικαιώματος ΑΔΜΗΕ ενημέρωσης πελατών
    • Declaration regarding supply contracts with customers - Δήλωση σε σχέση με τις συμβάσεις προμήθειας με πελάτες
    • Legal Representation Documents - Τεκμηρίωση νόμιμης εκπροσώπησης
    • Provision of Guarantees - Εγγυητική επιστολή ή αποδεικτικό κατάθεσης ποσού εγγύησης
  2. Supplier’s declarations (in Greek).
  3. Copy of the Supply License.
  4. In case the supplier does not have an EIC (European Indefication Code) it is required to apply for one (EIC application form).
  5. Solemn Declaration of Legal Representative (in English).The legal documents attached with the application must be listed in the above Solemn Declaration
  6. Provision of Guarantees. More information on guarantees is available at Market Participation Guarantees.
  7. Legal Representation Documents for companies not established in Greece:
    • Certified copy of the current Articles of Association or Incorporation.
    • Certified copy of the Minutes of the General Assembly (or other competent body) for the appointment of the current Board of Directors and representatives of the Participant.
    • Original Official Transcript from the Companies’ Registry whereby the names of the shareholders and representatives/directors of the company are declared as well as the location of the registered offices and that the company is in good standing condition..
    • Documents submitted to ADMIE not signed by the legal representative of the Participant as evidenced from the above documentation, should be accompanied by respective minutes/authorization of the competent body of the Participant attributing authority to the person signing the document.

The above mentioned legal representation documents are indicative. Additional legal documents may be required from the Legal Department of ADMIE. The documents signed by the legal representative of the company must also have the official company stamp. All signatures must be certified. The documents above should be officially translated into Greek or English with an apostille.