Change of unit maintenance schedule for thermal units


After the justified requests of the producers PPC, ELPEDISON and HERON, the unit maintenance schedule for reliability year 2012-2013 have been modified as follows:

1. The new maintenance period of the unit ELPEDISON_THESSALONIKI will be from 16 of March 2013 untill 30 of April 2013.

2. The maintenance of the unit No3 Of MEGALOPOLI will start on 23-3-2013 and it will finish on 30-4-2013.

3. The maintenance period of the unit HERON CC will be shifted by one day and it will be from 5-5-2013 until 11-5-2013.  

The new version (version 10) the maintenance schedule for 2012-2013, has been published on our website.