Change of unit maintenance schedule for thermal units


We inform you that the new version of the Unit Maintenance Schedule have been published on our web site. The new version (ver. 11/25-4-2014) contains the following changes:

  • The maintenance of the unit Ag. Dimitrios No.4 will finish on 19/5/2014 due to the delay beginning of the maintenance for district heating reasons.
  • Interchange of the maintenance periods of the two units of Amindeo so as the maintenance of the unit No.1 will be from 27/4/2014 till 5/6/2014 and the maintenance of the unit No.2 will be from 27/5/2014 till 19/6/2014.
  • There will be a new small maintenance period for the unit No.4 of Ptolemaida from 2/5/2014 to 6/5/2014.