ADMIE International Membership

ADMIE is a member of ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity) and participates in all of its Activities. More specifically, ADMIE participates in all ENTSO-E Committees and Working Groups as follows,

    • Market Committee
      • Market Integration WG
      • Ancillary Services WG
      • Market Information & Transparency WG
      • Electronic Data Interchange WG
      • Renewable Energy Sources WG
    • System Development Committee
      • Ten-Year Network Development Plan WG
      • System Adequacy and Market Modeling WG
      • Continental South-East RG (presidency until 2011)
    • System Operations Committee
      • European Operational Standards WG
      • Electronic Highway WG
      • Continental Europe RG
    •  Research and Development Committee 

            and also

    • participates in consortia for the implementation of projects regarding the operation and development of the Networks of ENTSO-E
    • holds the presidency of Project Group ‘Turkey’. This Project Group has undertaken the efforts to connect Turkey to the ENTSO-E Network.

Also ADMIE S.A. is a member of International Organizations, Associations and Unions. 
More specifically, is a member of:
•  Conseil International des Grands Reseaux Electriques (CIGRE)
• Ÿ Joint Auction Office (JAO)
• Ÿ SEE Coordinated Auction Office (CAO)
•  ŸGlobal Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO)

ADMIE has taken an active role in the establishment of a Regional Coordination Centre of Transmission System Operators of Southeastern Europe (RSC SEE). 
The Centre will have the form of Societe Anonyme with shareholders the Transmission System Operators and based in Thessaloniki.

Furthermore ADMIE is an active member of Med-TSO (press here for detailed description).