ADMIE SA (Independent Power Transmission Operator) was established under the Law no. 4001/2011; it is organized and operates as the Independent Transmission Operator in compliance with the requirements of the European Union Directive 2009/72/EC.

The Company undertakes responsibility and performs all duties as Main Operator of the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System (HETS) as described in the Directive, according to Law 4001/2011, in compliance with the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System Operation Code and the management permission by HETS.

ADMIE’s compliance with the requirements applicable to the model of the Independent Transmission Operator was certified by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) in December 2012.

The mission of the Company is the operation, control, maintenance and development of ESMIE to ensure the country's electricity supply, in an adequate, safe, efficient and reliable way as well as the operation of the electricity market which is related to the transactions taking place apart from those of the Daily Ahead Scheduling (DAS) in accordance with the principles of transparency, equality and free competition.

Due to the aforementioned focal role of the Company, all necessary measures have been taken and all necessary procedures have been organized in order to ensure its independence, the strict compliance with the principle of "equal treatment" for all System Users and for all Participants in the Electricity Market, along with transparency in its operation and compliance with the principle of confidentiality of all information managed by ADMIE.

As of June 20th 2017 ADMIE follows the model of proprietary separated Administrator (Ownership Unbundling) and is fully harmonized with the Directive 2009/72/EC.

The shareholder structure of ADMIE is as follows:
24% State Grid Europe Limited

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Νόμος 4001/2011  
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